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Leonardo da Vinci Quotes

Short Bio:

Leonardo da Vinci was born in the Tuscan town of Vinci, Italy on the 14th of April 1452. He was an Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, and engineer who is widely considered as one of the most diversely talented individuals to have ever lived.

More Notable Quotes:

"Learning never exhausts the mind.

"Life well spent is long.

"Men of lofty genius when they are doing the least work are most active.
"Learning never exhausts the mind.
"Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. 
"Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence. 
"People react to fear, not love - they don't teach that in Sunday School, but it's true.
"Every action needs to be prompted by a motive.
"Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.
"The smallest feline is a masterpiece.
"You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand.
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